How to work out without going to the gym

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the lives of many and one of its consequences has been the closing of the gyms. You may be sad that your favorite gym is now inaccessible but despair not. Each problem that comes your way is an opportunity in disguise and this particular one is no different. You just need to be resourceful and learn to take advantage of the problem you are facing. The closing of the gyms makes me remember an old truth: simpler solutions are always better. That’s right, what you need for working out is mostly available to you and you don’t really need a gym subscription.


Do calisthenics

I have written on calisthenics before. They are a great way to work out your body and they are absolutely free. You can do them in the comfort of your apartment or dorm room or at the neighborhood park. There are a variety of calisthenics exercises that can work out basically every muscle in your body and if you do them in circuits they become like cardiovascular exercise. I highly recommend reading the book Convict Conditioning as it starts with easy exercises and helps you gain strength gradually. For example pushups start with pushing against a wall, then against a countertop or tabletop then kneeling pushups then half pushups. It is after all of these steps that you start doing full pushups and for sure you’ll be prepared for them. But it doesn’t stop there. The book takes you all the way to one handed pushups. There is a similar pattern for other exercises such as pull ups and squats.

You really have no excuses!


Jump rope

Jump roping is a simple and great way to get cardio vascular exercise. A jump rope is very cheap to get and you can use it in your backyard or in a park. Not very practical if you live in an apartment which brings us to the next point.



Simple as that. Get a pair of running shoes and just run for it. Virtually nobody is stopping you. The feeling of freedom you get from running outside and breathing fresh air is unrivaled. Also running outside, as opposed to using a treadmill, gives you the go-getter feeling which will spill into other areas of your life as well. So, just go for it!


Make a sandbag

Sandbags are easy to make and provide you with a wide array of exercises. Just buy a cheap duffel bag from Walmart, a bag of pebbles from Home Depot and pour the pebbles into the duffel bag and voila you have a versatile and convenient resistance training tool. Watch this video for a glimpse at the possible exercises you can do with a sandbag.



Get a spin bike

If it is too cold or to hot to run outside or if you have a health condition (such as an injury) that prevents you from running then getting a stationary bike for yourself can be a good idea. A few years ago I bought myself one for $260 and it has been the best $260 I have ever spent in my life. Whether it is freezing cold, scorching hot or pouring down outside, I can get my exercise done. I bought it on Amazon and it is very sturdy.


Do manual labor

Last but not least you can use your muscles for some physical work. That is right, even in today’s work manual labor still exists. Go work in a warehouse, give your local farmer a hand, sign up as a trail maintenance volunteer, chop a tree with an axe, put your car on neutral and push it around (but be careful not to loose control),…



The world around you is full of resources for you to make use of and enjoy. Train your eyes and mind to find to see and make use of all those resources and you will be much happier. Lastly remember that all forms of physical activity are helpful for depression. Till next time.

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